Sunday, October 7, 2012

A little bit Country

It's my favorite time of year. That time where my year long boot hoarding has paid off. Yes indeed, it's boot season! And of course I am an equal opportunity boot lover.. riding boots, ankle boots, stacked heel boots, flat boots, military boots, cowboy boots,  I love them all. Maybe its a bit of nostalgia going back to my horse riding days but one fall staple i always bring back is Cowboy Boots. Even when my oh so ahead of fashion, fashionista friends tells me "Cowboy Boots are out" i always disagree. Especially now with the growing popularity of redesigned Cowboy Boots created by Luxury Jones, I am even more obsessed. I have actually gotten knee deep in recreating my own vintage cowboy boots into new works of wearable art. And yes, now I am offering them to you. Here's just a few of my one of a kind L.J. inspired designs.

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